How To Download Angry Birds For PC

The main objective for the player in the game is to bring down a group of pigs or ‘piggies’ which have been arranged on a platform. The setting in which the pigs have been arranged transforms after each level and becomes more and more difficult as the game progresses. Angry Birds has amassed millions and millions of downloads and the success has prompted the publishers to release the game on Personal Computer as well.

 Angry Birds


The gameplay of Angry Birds is quite simple, yet exciting. The birds are used by the player as ‘bombs’ and can be thrown over a trajectory towards the target of a pig formation. The players can set the angle with which to throw the birds as well the power with which they are thrown. There are no gridlines or guiding tracks in the game and the players have to judge the trajectory which makes the game quite challenging especially in the latter stages.

In Angry Birds, there are many types of birds each of which has their own characteristics. At the beginning of the game, the birds without any special ability have to be played with but as the player conquers levels and moves on the more difficult ones, new birds get unlocked which make the task easier for the player. The special powers of the birds can be activated once they are airborne.

The blackbird has the ability to explode in mid-air and causing damage to its immediate surroundings. A white bird can drop a small egg which can cause significant damage to the object it hits. The bluebird can split up into three birds and make the area of impact larger and the yellow bird can speed up and gain acceleration in a short burst which can impart a lot of damage.

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Angry Birds’ has been divided into many episodes and each episode further contains different levels. Each episode has been assigned a special name and each one of them has a different number of levels. After every few levels, the developers have added a little spice to the game and made the special abilities of the birds, even more powerful. In the later levels of the game, an electrical pulse super ability has also been added which allows the birds to damage the surroundings. Another power has been added which allows the player to change each bird into a bomb bird so that more damage can be caused to the pigs’ nest.

How To Download and Play?

The link guides the user through several steps and makes him select the target folder. The installation gets completed automatically after that step and allows the player to play the game. Playing the game is very simple and the player only has to drag the catapult in which the bird is sat. Clicking when the bird is in midair activates the special ability at the spot.


How To Download Angry Birds For PC
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