Driver Booster Download For PC (Windows 8/7/10)

Every serious PC user needs to keep their drivers up to date at all times. However, most of the users – even experienced ones – usually forget to install revisions of the drivers despite being aware of its necessity and its benefits. When the latest drivers are added to the system, the performance of the unit is enhanced several times over. IObit has designed the Driver Booster as a simple, easy and handy solution for the purpose of detecting drivers in the system that have been outdated. Moreover, Driver Booster also downloads the relevant drivers and installs them on your system.

Driver Booster

The program carries out the entire activity automatically. The user only needs to click the mouse a number of times in order for the operation to be completed. Driver Booster is absolutely free, however, there is a “Pro” version of the application that requires payment. The user of the Pro version is given priority and gets the files much faster than others. The product can be installed easily since there is no requirement of more resources for its proper working. There is no addition of third-party software while installing this software into your PC.


The application offers a very simple look. The screen allows users to view it in a very clear manner. The detection process can be started with the help of the “scan” button. The performance of the driver can be analyzed with the help of this tool. The tool relies on the driver that is already installed. When the program finishes the scanning process, it displays a list of drivers whose latest version is available on the internet for downloading. When the user clicks the “update all” button, the downloading and installation process begins automatically.

The entire process is carried out in the background so there is no need for going through different dialogue boxes. You can also disable it through the configuration panel if you so choose. There is more. For the purpose of safety, whenever a file is being replaced on the system, a restore point is created so that the user may revert back to the previous setting in case there is a problem with the installation process. The user may also be required to restart the computer in some cases for the changes to occur. It is very easy to install this program on your PC.

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 The program can be downloaded free form the following link:

The program not only provides details of the installed drivers but also all the information pertaining to its newer available versions, their siz, and date of release. The user can also customize the application with the help of the configuration panel. It can be set up in such a manner that the scanning process begins whenever the computer is turned on. The user can also define specific intervals for carrying out all these processes. The program asks the user where he/she want to store the downloaded file. There are some programs that are very large. In order to save the available disk space, the program automatically deletes the downloaded file upon installation.


Driver Booster Download For PC (Windows 8/7/10)
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