Install Danger Dash Game on your Windows PC or Laptop : 2019

Danger Dash is a game with some awesome retro-style graphics and excellent presentation. Although the theme is the same as a running character the concept has been evolved and innovated creatively. The game comes with new power-up options and latest obstacles course. Danger dash currently comes with only three characters to choose from but the developers plan to increase this number through newer versions.

Danger Dash

Temple run was the first game that introduced the running theme of gameplay. It was an instant success and many followed the trend in one way or the other. For the last two to three years everyone has been jumping in the same bandwagon. If you are also a gamer who loves creations like temple run, subway surfer or angry gran run then danger dash is a must like for you. This is a mystery game with lots of cool graphics and special effects.

Some of the fancy scenes and amazing backdrops seem out of this world. The game play of the video wonder is pretty amazing as well. It is a run for your life and keeps away from the tigers that are following the main character or hero. You will be required to collect the coins as you progress further in the game. There will also be chances of choosing between various paths to reach your destination.

The players will reach many different places like a mysterious temple, a run through the deep forest, the obstacle course and many more interesting situations. The main aim of the game is to be fast at running and save your life from the tigers. The game controls are simple and effective. Whether sliding, jumping or swiping through the hindrances the responses should be quick and frisky. Beware of the traps and dips in the paths.

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The game provides the players to win play bonuses and power-ups like a bag of coins, power boosters and many more. The game progresses further as we unlock different levels and move on to the next more difficult ones. Developed by the mediocre gaming company, there is a lot of innovation and creativity of its own in the game. Although the gameplay is pretty simple and redundant, the game captures the attention of the gamers in a really effective manner. Like all other runner games, this is also pretty addictive and keeps the player stuck on to it for hours and hours. Therefore whoever has a liking for the runner games and want to experience a newer version of the same games like temple run and subway surfer, then danger dash will be a good option for you.

But for those who have already played this theme thousands of times, there is little or nothing new in the game to offer. Try it once and if you get the hang of it, you can stay addicted to it for hours and hours without a break.

Install Danger Dash Game on your Windows PC or Laptop : 2019
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