KM Player Download For Android,iPhone & Windows

KM Player is a multimedia player that can run on Windows. KM Player is designed to support numerous audio and video files.  It also helps in the efficient audio-visual interface and making a gadget complete. The multimedia player supports almost all multimedia files including MKV, AVS, WMV, FLV, AVI, and many others. The multimedia player consists of many updated versions that are helpful in enhancing the multimedia experience without making any important changes in the functioning of the machine software. The player is easy to download for Windows and the major advantages are that it does not require much space and is free from any malware.

KM Player

Important Features of KM Player:

The KM player makes video playback just a matter of few clicks. You do not need to insert any discs or any other external devices for having a hassle-free experience when you want to play any video. The player supports VCDs, DVDs, and other AV file storage formats. KM player for Windows is very small in footprint and only requires a shortcut on your desktop. So, the user is left with ample space to enjoy more devices without compromising on the efficiency of the quality or the speed of the multimedia option. Furthermore, the multimedia player is only turned on when the user wants it, which in turn helps him in saving the battery life of his device. The major advantages that you would gain by using KM Player for Windows are explained below.

  • Installation is customized:

After you have downloaded KM Player on your PC, you are provided with the option to choose from codec-free installation options such as ‘Full Install’ or ‘Recommended’ depending upon the way you want it for your Windows.

  • Clean and simple interface:

The multimedia player is user-friendly and allows its user to handle all AV related options in only a few clicks. The player also supports running of images, playlists, CD images and subtitles for an ultimate audio-visual experience and can also be used to make all sorts of usable media formats.

  • More settings for fun:

The right-click on the interface allows you to enter the world of tweaks, for example, 3D, Pan and Scan, Capture, Subtitle Control, and Screen Controls helping you to enjoy a more customized way of using the multimedia player.

  • Key features:

The Player comprises of various codec-built-in filters, plug-ins such as Dscale filler support, Winamp DSP, and WDM device support for electronic devices such as camera or TV along with all known media file formats.

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How to Download KM Player for Windows?

To download KM player for Windows, you need to make specific arrangements on your computer as it is compatible with the latest versions of Windows.  To download the application, you need to be attentive as numerous suggestions keep on displaying during the installation process. If you do not want any changes to occur such as shortcuts displayed on a desktop, making KM player as a homepage screen, installing toolbars along with the player- then make sure you click ‘no’ to all these options. You can easily download the player from the link given below.

KM Player Download For Android,iPhone & Windows
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